Daily cleaning tips

to clean lead from your home's drinking water pipes



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If your home is connected to the City water main by a water service line that has sections made from lead, a toxic metal, it can impact your health. Lead is harmful to everyone. Pregnant women, infants, children under the age of six and adults with high blood pressure and kidney problems are at the most risk. Follow the steps below to clean out your home plumbing until lead plumbing is replaced.


Instructions for daily cleaning

Run cold water from your tap for at least three minutes. This will give you fresh water from the City water main that is safe for drinking, cooking, making baby formula, feeding your pets, making ice, or watering vegetable gardens.

TIP: You can also bring in fresh water from the City water main by taking a shower, washing dishes, using the clothes washer, or flushing the toilets first.

Best time of day?

  • First thing in the morning
  • After you come home from work, if no one has used the water all day

How often?

  • Before using water for any cooking or drinking
  • If no one has used the water for 6 hours or more

For how long?

  • At least 3-5 minutes

When to stop?

  • This ongoing maintenance is good to do regularly, but especially important in any homes that still have lead pipes